Friday, April 17, 2015

Most Ridiculous Super Hero Powers

For Fangirl Friday I was going to come up with a list of the most useless and stupidest super powers I could think of. After having a conversation about this with some folks on 9Gag and felt it would be a fun blog post. However; rather than do this alone, I asked some of the funnest people around to help me out with a list.

Taffeta Darling:
Ability to cry tears that smell like oven baked cinnamon rolls
Disappearing reappearing hand writing
See through skin
Ability to recognize someone by their farts, fart recognition. 

Halo Sama: Made an awesome graphic and sketch!

Natalie Green: wants the ability to attract copious amounts of animal hair to yourself

Lady Amaraldi:
The ability to turn fungus invisible
Communication with slugs
Teleportation that only leads to the DMV
Able to hear what's underneath auto tune
The ability to know if your new favorite show will get canceled

Andrew Farmer:
I want 5 second "bless his heart" precognition
The ability to instantly quote any line from the from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Christina Revis:
The ability to be overly moist
The ability to grow your toes to any desired length
The ability to change your underwear color
The ability to understand broomstick language