Monday, April 6, 2015

Music For Monday: Kind of Blue

It's a gloomy, chilled morning here in Texas on what I would normally call my "Off Day". I use "normally", because I am in fact not taking the day for myself in which i would normally not answer emails, texts or reply to much of the social media interaction.  Monday is normally my "No Fucks Given" day.  Like I really don't like scheduling or doing anything on Monday. However; with my schedule quickly getting it's fill, I needed to dedicate some time to my full time hobby.

While I'm updating my website with more scheduled events, while I'm reading comics to review, while I'm editing videos with lost sound that is frustrating the ever living  HELL out of me, while I'm listening to the sounds of 140 pounds of dog play, bark and annoy, and while I write this blog post.. I'm listening to Kind of Blue by Miles Davis.

Kind of Blue is one of the first jazz albums I really remember being introduced to and liking. (Thanks to Mr. Barge my high school band and jazz band director. YES.  I was in marching band, jazz band, and orchestra!) I remember walking into the band hall after school to get ready for practice and my band director had this record playing over the hall speakers. I was hooked and felt a sort of internal  snapping while thinking to myself that this music had a sort of raspy, calming, dark yet luminous mod to it that i was instantly attracted to.  As a 14 year old music snob by way of punk rock, I hadn't let myself like things outside a genre I boxed myself into. This album was a good kick in the ass for me to remember why I loved music the way I did. I love music and how it moves me, regardless of what genre label in the music store I could find it.

If you've never heard what has been voted numerous times and is universally acknowledged as the greatest Jazz album ever recorded, I've embedded a video below of the full album.  Kind of Blue was released on August 17, 1959, by Columbia Records and featured artists that would go on to be legends of their own instrument:

  • Miles Davis – trumpet 
  • Julian "Cannonball" Adderley – alto saxophone, except on "Blue in Green"
  • John Coltrane – tenor saxophone
  • Bill Evans – piano (except "Freddie Freeloader")
  • Wynton Kelly – piano on "Freddie Freeloader"
  • Paul Chambers – double bass
  • Jimmy Cobb – drums

Images by Don Hunstein/Sony BMG Music Entertainment