Monday, May 18, 2015

Animal Crossing New Leaf Zelda Style!

We found a retro gamers paradise in Animal Crossing!

Zelda Town Animal Crossing New Leaf
How many of you have been pulling up weeds in your town in Animal Crossing New Leaf and thought, "Hey, I wonder how long it would take me to turn this place into a 16bit Hyrulian paradise?". 

The town of Paradox has many Triforces!

Zander from Paradox can answer! It took him several months and many characters to create a Zelda fantasy land in his town! He drew out every design on the pattern maker, so you can imagine how tedious that might have been.

Floor tiles painstakingly mapped everywhere!

I visited his town during the day and night!

 Zanders town of Paradox holds many surprises for old school gamers and otaku.

Triforce tree stump ACNL

Zanders house is chock full of nerdy fun!

We had coffee in his modern kitchen, I got to peruse his Japanese, mad scientist and convenience store rooms and finished off by using the toilet.
Game lovers house of dreams!

Coffee time in ACNL

Japan style!

7/11 set ACNL

When you gotta go.....


I HAD to try the Paradox famous coffee blend while I was there.

Paradox Coffee ACNL

Make sure to visit this geeky wonderland built by Zander!

-Halo Sama
Paradox Dream Address: 5400-2967-8035