Saturday, May 23, 2015

Half Awake But Whole Heartedly Excited

I'm in Denver, half awake, sitting in this sweet suite overlooking downtown while the church bells across the street toll for 8am. I'm going over my questions for today's moderating of the WEIRD SCIENCE anniversary reunion. as I type this im literally in tears because only in my wildest dreams have I ever thought I would share a stage with iconic actors from a movie that has had so much of an impact on me. It's Denver Comic con and today I'm moderating a panel on an 80s movie that was (very loosely) based off an 1951 EC comics story "Made in the Future" from the Weird Science collection. It's a movie that promoted and encouraged two young geeky nerdy kids to be themselves, to have courage and not to take shit from anyone, including older bothers.  A movie that rang so true to me as an 80s baby... a movie that I love so much. 
I get to share a stage and talk about it with some o the people who made it possible, it's very surreal. I've been apart of plenty of small scaled panels on cosplay, geekdom and more. I've intervened some of the greats in the comic world but never have I done a thing this big with Hollywood icons. even more so, I'm doing it 700+ miles away from home, away from my comfort zone. I'm not even in my own state. so crazy. a girl from the suburbs of Texas invited to Denver to moderate a HUGE FUCKING BIG DEAL panel. and to be honest, I don't see enough panels moderated by women, especially in Dallas. panels there are male dominated by the same 4-5 men at every big con. so it's all a whirlwind for me and still unbelievable. again while I write this I'm hoping to get all my tears of happiness and disbelief out because I swear, at this the moment I feel like the luckiest gal in the world.

Thanks to Eric and all the crew at 8 Bit Geek bar and Grill for making this possible.
- taffeta darling

sorry for any words not capitalized or incomplete sentences or runon sentences, or dribble. I'm half awake but whole heartedly excited.