Monday, May 11, 2015

Music for Monday 5/11

Afternoon fellow travelers of the World Wide Web. I had an incredible weekend filled with thunderous rainy nights and scary movies, but sadly the fun is over and it's time for another work week. Although my work is in the creative field and I work from home, I still get this "mental block on Monday" thing happening which can be frustrating when trying to express myself through work. However; nothing cuts loose my creative flows like a damn good playlist filled with killer tunes by bands that do not consist of a top 40 station. My music taste is all over the place but nothing gets my fist and heart pumping like good old fashioned punk rock. I like it all; hardcore, melodic, pop punk, acoustic and crust. I get that some people don't really put time into music or discovering new tunes because there isn't time, or the know how or even the care, but I really enjoy being exposed to new (good) tunes. 

"Good Tunes is Good Tunes".  - Christine from the movie "Detroit Rock City"

Anyways- Here are 30 songs that are super near and dear to me. Click the link below to check out the playlist I made just for YOU via Spotify.

I tried posting new stuff that hadn't already been featured in a previous music post, but I highly recommend checking those out too because they're awesome. 
MLnR- Taffeta