Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dinosaurs Everywhere!

kOccasionally I'll find an app that is too much fun not to share. This week's app "DINOSAURS EVERYWHERE!" seems perfectly fit to promote considering the big Jurassic World event this weeknd. 

This app using Augmentd Reality gives anyone using it the opportunity to experience dinosaurs walking around in the real world for the first time simply by using your iPhone or iPad. Aim your device as if you were about to take a picture and as simple as that, the past comes alive. There are ten different dinos to enjoy and the experience is great for all ages, especially kids wanting to know more about dinosaurs. One of my favorite (free) features is the breakdown on each projected dinosaur just by clicking it. 

I have the free version so I just screen capped a few instances of using it for blogging purposes. Users can upgrade and access the built in camera of the app and do away with adverts as well.

"Oh yanno... just romping through the flowerbed."

Watch out, Samwise!! Two menacing carnivores battle it out in my backyard.

Triceratops crawling all over my table and shit.

Longnecks on my back wall.

Coming straight for me! 

These dinosaurs keep sneaking up on Samwise.

One might think this could get boring, but I promise you the projections appear anywhere so you could even endanger relatives and loved ones without them knowing.

As with any mobile app there are a few glitches but for the most part "Dinosaurs Everywhere!" can lead to hours of entertainment, I'm giving it a 3.5/5. If you have this app, share your experiences with me. If you get it and hate it, tell me why!  MLnR- Taffeta Darling