Friday, July 17, 2015

Ant-Man Review

No Hesitations With ANT-MAN.

Last night I managed to crawl out of my suburban home and venture to North Dallas for a preview of the latest Marvel movie, Ant-Man, thanks to Keith's Comics. I have to admit it was exactly as I expected. 

When Marvel announced it was finally doing an Ant-Man film (after years of speculation) I was very jubilant in my reception.  The story of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne was something I had been waiting for and could barely contain my excitement. Then it was announced that the studio would be going with the Scott Lang story. My heart crushed. Now I like the Lang Family, but as a fangirl this wasn't what I was hoping to get. I was concerned how Scott would fit in with the already established first tiered Avengers. It intrigued me that Marvel decided to go this route, and so I waited again for director, actor and writing talents to be announced. When studios announced Hank Pym would be involved and portrayed by Michael Douglas I face palmed harder giving myself a headache. Since then I had tried not to let his casting bother me since I knew that Edgar Wright had the directing/writing covered and with Paul Rudd cast as the lead I felt there was still a damn good chance this would be a positive addition to the MCU. Then Edgar Wright left and fans all over gasped, whispering that this would be Marvel's first flop in matter-of-fact protests. 

Brothers and sisters in fandom, I gotta tell ya Ant-Man is everything. I'm so happy for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to have this addition in their Rolodex of movies. Ant-Man has easily taken a place in my top favorite Marvel movies along side Captain America 2, Thor, and the first Avengers. 
It didn't feel rushed or over saturated with characters yet still managed to have those suprise cameos of characters that have been established in the MCU a show up and fit perfectly. 
Ant-Man is incredibly funny and silly but what I found the most sincere of this movie is how incredibly self aware it is. One of my favorite lines of the movie was *someone calling the situation a tale to astonish, and Astonishing Tale! I laughed so loud at that. Edgar Wright's screenplay was still sensed throughout and director Peyton Reed may have just earned himself an MVP nod for taking over and leading this cast through a hilarious action movie. The acting ensemble works so well together in a seamless cohesiveness that after watching I cannot picture anyone else playing these parts. (seems like everyone got the memo to bring their a-game)


Paul Rudd is perfect as Scott Lang and gives an endearing performance fighting to overcome his criminal past and win back visitations with his daughter who live with her mom and future step-father. Rudd fits right at home in the MCU on screen with no hesitations next to legendary actor Michael Douglas while portraying his first superhero. I gotta give it up to Marvel for going with Douglas as the old man Pym. There is a reason Michael Douglas is so well respected as an actor and the Marvel casting guys saw this before any of us. Douglas portrays the Pym that we would grow to expect, old slightly bitter but generally concerned for the secrets of his company to not fall into the wrong hands. (it's like he's been down that road before) The mention of Wasp damn nearly broke my tear bank. When they wrote Janet out of the comicverse I was angry, like how could they get rid of one of the hearts of the team? (helloooo, comics! duh) Not to forget the only person able to tolerate and stand by Hank Pym. That was another concern I had for the movie, like where would Janet fit in, 
where would my Wasp be?? As I type this I get misty eyed thinking about it. Well I'm not giving spoilers but I will hint that they do a good job setting up would could be another nice addition to the MCU. 

So far I've written about how it's a hilarious comedy but the action sequences are so fucking bad ass in another spectrum. The special effects used to create Scott's fighting style and notorious "shrink-punch-punch-grow -kick, shrink" moves are amazing. The choreography doesn't fall flat. Everything is on par with each part of the film. Nothing feels overshadowed or oversaturated. 

I laughed almost the entire time while watching this movie. It is  so very silly and entertaining. I'm going to put it out there that children seeing this character for the first time are going to LOVE Ant-Man and the movie just as much as they love the Ironman /Hulk/Spider-Man trinity. It's easily a 4.25 out of 5 for me. I can't wait to know what you guys think, so go and see it! NOW! - Taffeta Darling 

stick around for the mid credit bonus scene and the very end of the movie bonus scene.

(Images courtesy of Marvel Studios/ Disney Enterprises )