Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Zodiac Starforce, in short, is magic. The characters, the art, and the story immediately had such incredible personality and charisma.  Each month, we see dozens of new comic series launch, but let’s be honest—we’ve all been in comics long enough to be a little jaded. How many superhero relaunches and high-concept sci-fi series have we all read over the years? Some are good, some are bad, some we love, and some we hate, but—bottom line—we’re all too familiar with them. 

Zodiac Starforce is anything but familiar. And yet it’s got all the makings of an instant classic. It emits a fun-loving vibe that gives me the bellyful of excitement butterflies that only a comic this fresh, new, unique, and sincere can inspire.

Let’s talk about the creative team . . .

Artist Paulina Ganucheau is poised to be one of the biggest breakout artists of 2015, with some of the most fun and original character designs you’ll see this year alongside her energetic, lively, expressive pages! Writer Kevin Panetta is hilarious, breathing life into some of the most entertaining characters I’ve ever read while crafting a plot that includes a level of depth rarely seen in an all-ages comic. Combined, they’re an enthusiastic duo pouring their heart and soul into a comic they deeply care about. That commitment infuses passion into everyone who reads Zodiac Starforce, which is how we got cover artists like Marguerite Sauvage, Kevin Wada, Jacob Wyatt, Noelle Stevenson, and Babs Tarr onboard.