Thursday, October 8, 2015

Countdown to Halloween: Death Becomes Her

My choice for tonight's Midnight Movie is the 1992 Robert Zemeckis black comedy DEATH BECOMES HER starring Oscar-Winner Meryl Streep, Oscar-Winner Goldie Hawn, the adorably underrated but hilarious Bruce Willis and gorgeous enchantress Isabella Rossellin.

 I saw this in the theaters when I was 12 and have considered it one of the darkest and trashiest comedies I have owned.  It's not everyone's humor, but there's wit, fantasy, and unique situations that I appreciate so hard.
Although it seems like a simple comedy, it's actually sort of deep, IMO. This movie is pretty much about living forever. Like wouldn't it be wonderful if we lived forever, and retained our best youthful appearance through it all? Jonathan Swift's wrote of the Strudblugs in the third book of GULLIVER'S TRAVELS explaining the main problem: if you live forever, you're inevitably going to lose all your faculties, loved ones and eventually just wish to die. How do you guard yourself against unexpected physical injuries? And is life worthwhile if you're  a lonely, bitter, and nasty person? I'm telling ya, it's deep!  Have yall seen this movie, did you like it?  - Taffeta 

Watch the trailer here ----