Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Countdown to Halloween : Waxwork

Tonight's movie suggestion is the 1988 cult horror flick,WAXWORK.

While walking to the high-school, teenagers Sarah (Deborah Foreman) and China (Michelle Johnson) are invited by the owner of a wax museum, David Lincoln (David Warner), to a private exhibition at midnight and he tells that they may invite four other friends to come with them. China invites her former boyfriend, Mark (Zach Galligan), their friend Tony (Dana Ashbrook) and two other schoolmates to come to the museum...(but they insightfully decline) 

What these kids don't know is that the house is alive as are the horror scenes set in wax.  The house needs six souls which must be harvested by the various monsters in the magical/mystical waxwork museum in order for anarchy and evil to swallow the world. (super strong plot, yes?) Essentially the friends get caught/travel through these portals and visit the actual horror spots and must find a way out.

Waxwork easily maintains in my top 20 of cult classic horror movies. I remember being a preteen and renting the VHS from the local Kroger rental stop. I was obsessed with all the various scenes and monsters that were depicted throughout...especially that Marquee de Sade scene. WOW. What I like about Waxwork
is that it's a gore horror fest made for horror fans, by horror fans & really that's the best kind of horror film a fangirl could ask for. -Taffeta 

Watch the trailer here --