Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Countdown To Halloween: The Wickerman

Tonight's"Midnight Movie Countdown to Halloween" pick comes from the 1973 cult classic THE WICKERMAN starring Christopher Lee.  As a smart thriller that is horrifying at some parts, The Wickerman juxtaposes Christianity and Paganism using an early Druid ritual still celebrated by this community during " The May Day Festival". 

In a secluded area off the Scottish coast lives an unusual community that Sgt Howie (Edward Woodward) visits in search of a missing teenaged girl that apparently no one has heard of.  The officer digs deeper into the community for clues, but finds that there is way more going on than anyone will admit. 
There's not a lot of bells and whistles or over the top effects in this film, but the music and intellectual themes really appeal to me.   - Taffeta 

 "It's easier for a child's mind to understand reincarnation than resurrection. It gets them past all those rotting bodies."

Watch the trailer -- http://youtu.be/5FdV-O8o7ok