Friday, February 12, 2016

Legendary Musician David Bowie Receives Comic Book Tribute

After his untimely death earlier this month, David Bowie left behind more than a legacy of memorable songs, but bequeathed an indelible imprint on popular culture as well. Storm Entertainment captures this spirit in a new tribute comic book biography released this week.

Tribute: David Bowie, available in both print and digital, follows the enigmatic artist's innovative career from his through early days as David Jones through his ever-changing metamorphoses into a rock god, tortured artist, thin white duke and blinded prophet. 

Written by Mike Lynch and Michael L. Frizell with art by George Amaru and Vincenzo Sansone, the book pays homage to  one of the most influential artists any generation, constantly reinventing himself while defying convention. The one-shot features three collectable covers by Sansone, David Frizell, and Graham Hill.  

The book builds on the previously published Fame: David Bowie and completes his life story. Fans of Bowie will recognize his transformation from the iconic Ziggy Stardust to Aladdin Sane to pre-punk Berliner to the The Thin White Duke and even in his star turn as the Goblin King in the 1986 movie "Labyrinth."
"Bowie should not be remembered for his multiple personas, but rather for his desire to push musical and artistic boundaries," said writer Michael Frizell. "He was on the forefront of so many musical movements; psychedelic, glam, Krautrock, funk, grunge, and his latest post modern masterpiece and farewell gift Black-Star. 
Storm Entertainment president Darren G. Davis added, “  hope readers come away with not simply a sense of the richness of his life, but how he influenced practically every artist that came after; regardless of genre."

The “Tribute” series serves as a pop culture companion to Storm Entertainment’s successful “Female Force,” “Political Power,” “Orbit,” and “Fame” series. The biography comic form allows Storm’s talented writers to delve into the history of certain newsworthy figures and explore what shaped them.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bitch Planet Returns With New Story Arc

Eisner Award-nominated writer KELLY SUE DeCONNICK (PRETTY DEADLY, Captain Marvel) and VALENTINE DE LANDRO (X-Factor) will launch a new story arc in their viciously satirical ongoing sci-fi series this February.

Previously in BITCH PLANET, a new crop of non-compliants settled in for their stay on the Auxiliary Compliance Outpost. When a small group was offered a chance to earn their freedom, they took it, knowing the odds would be stacked against them at every turn.
In BITCH PLANET #7, PRESIDENT BITCH: PART 1 (OF 4), Operative Whitney has to answer for Meiko’s death and Kam gets a critical clue to the whereabouts of her sister.
"We’re back to the main narrative with this issue,” said DeConnick. “Meiko’s dad arrives on the outpost, we learn more about Josephson’s plan and Penny’s grief. Oh, and Kam gets a new cellmate. She’s a corker."
"There's a shower scene in this issue, and I only had to lay it out once,” said De Landro. “Enjoy, friends!"
BITCH PLANET #7  hits stores Wednesday, February 17th. 

Friday, January 15, 2016


Now that the new year is here, and the holidays are long gone, it’s time to start sharing some of my favorite things every Friday again, for Fangirl Friday. Today i’m sharing an interview i had with an incredibly unique artist, Ronnie Hanson of MonsterhedZ. Earlier this year i saw that Ronnie was doing conventions and selling monster heads. It’s exactly what it sounds like. He sculpts and fashions heads to mount that represent fantasy and mythical monsters. After viewing his gallery, i decided to commission a Dragon head to hang next to the family Excalibur sword in our house surrounded by Tolkien esq decor.  Although we claim our house to be House Tolkien, it’s really just an umbrella to hang all things dealing with orcs, dragons, elves, swords, yada yada… you get the idea.

Please check out the interview below that I had with Ronnie when submitting my request for a personalized Dragon head. - Taffeta

TD: What’s the name of your business and how’d you get into this business?
RH: The name of my business is MonsterhedZ. These sculptures are things that I wanted to see, but couldn't find. After a little research, and a lot of trial and error, I found a way to make them that wasn't crazy expensive. For fun, I listed the first piece on eBay and it sold right away. Right around that time, a friend told me of a first year Fantasy and Sci-Fi Convention, so I bought an inexpensive booth. In researching names for a website, I wanted the company name to be some version of "Monster Heads", but most of these were taken. One available that I liked was "".
The online sales kept me actively sculpting and after that first convention, I fell in love with the culture surrounding

TD: Why do you do what you do, why monster heads?
RH: Along with monsters and fantasy, taxidermy and natural history museums have always been a fascination for me. These sculptures are physical representations of things we would see if we could somehow walk into our favorite fantasy books. There would likely be museums, showing different orc species; and that dragon that attacked the town last week? He's stuffed over the mantle in the great castle.

TD: How long does it take for you to complete a project?
RH: It depends on the nature of the project. If it's a new, specific piece for advertising or a movie, it can take a couple of months sometimes, depending on the size. After getting the client's approval on the basic design, the initial sculpt is finished, then molded and cast. If it's a piece I've already fabricated molds for, the process is much faster.  A dragon head can be fabricated in about 10 hours, excluding drying times.

TD: What’s your background? Did you go to school for  or are you self taught?
RH: Both. In High School I was lucky enough to have a great art teacher who taught a solid foundation of fundamentals. In college, I took every art class available. I use the things that I learned then almost every day in sculpting. That being said, there never was a step-by-step class for making these things. The sculptures you see now are the result of a few years of trial, error, yelling, fires, small explosions...

TD: What monster heads do you enjoy building most?
RH: Right now I enjoy making dragon heads the most. There's a part of the fabrication that becomes almost meditative, and you get lost in process. The sculpture starts to define itself and I'm just along for the ride. Because they were my first, orc heads will always have a squishy place in my heart, though.

TD: What’s your scariest or most anxiety induced project you’ve worked on?
RH: I’ve never really been scared or anxious while working on a project. The anxiety and fear would come, in the past, right before an art show or convention. At the first con that I had an artist's booth, I was extremely anxious setting up. I had arrived late and all the other artists and vendors were already set up. It was in a small room and I had to walk past all of them carrying my sculptures. It was very intimidating, and I thought, "What am I doing here, my stuff isn't good enough for this show." That went away, though, as I entered more shows and people began buying my stuff.

TD: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
RH: Do what you love, and the money will follow.


TD: What is your dream project?
RH: I’d love to do a full body dragon using the same process as I do for the dragon heads.  

TD: Name three artists you’d like to be compared to.
RH: Growing up, I idolized Larry Elmore and Jeff Easley for their work on Dungeons and Dragons. It was one of the big thrills of my life to meet them at different Cons. Though their work is mostly two dimensional, if I were ever compared to them, I would consider it a great honor. Tom Kuebler is a contemporary sculptor working with similar subject matter. I love his stuff. It would be a high honor to be compared to him as well.

TD: Professionally, what’s your goal?
RH: Right now, MonsterhedZ has been to conventions mostly in the Rocky Mountain area. We'll soon expand to more cons and art shows on a national level. Artistically, my goal is to keep improving on what I'm doing now. Ultimately, that's the sweet addiction to art and the creative process in general. Each time you make a thing, it gets a little more refined than the last one you did. Everytime I've stood in front of a finished piece and thought, "Wow,that's really cool." a sweet seduction whispers, "Imagine what the next one will be like."

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I have. This is such a neat craft. I hope to order more Dragons and maybe a Unicorn from Ronnie, soon.  Don't forget to check out his website at Follow him on Facebook at MLnR- Taffeta

This is the custom DRAGON head I commissioned. RAD!


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Countdown to Halloween: Death Becomes Her

My choice for tonight's Midnight Movie is the 1992 Robert Zemeckis black comedy DEATH BECOMES HER starring Oscar-Winner Meryl Streep, Oscar-Winner Goldie Hawn, the adorably underrated but hilarious Bruce Willis and gorgeous enchantress Isabella Rossellin.

 I saw this in the theaters when I was 12 and have considered it one of the darkest and trashiest comedies I have owned.  It's not everyone's humor, but there's wit, fantasy, and unique situations that I appreciate so hard.
Although it seems like a simple comedy, it's actually sort of deep, IMO. This movie is pretty much about living forever. Like wouldn't it be wonderful if we lived forever, and retained our best youthful appearance through it all? Jonathan Swift's wrote of the Strudblugs in the third book of GULLIVER'S TRAVELS explaining the main problem: if you live forever, you're inevitably going to lose all your faculties, loved ones and eventually just wish to die. How do you guard yourself against unexpected physical injuries? And is life worthwhile if you're  a lonely, bitter, and nasty person? I'm telling ya, it's deep!  Have yall seen this movie, did you like it?  - Taffeta 

Watch the trailer here ----

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Countdown to Halloween : Waxwork

Tonight's movie suggestion is the 1988 cult horror flick,WAXWORK.

While walking to the high-school, teenagers Sarah (Deborah Foreman) and China (Michelle Johnson) are invited by the owner of a wax museum, David Lincoln (David Warner), to a private exhibition at midnight and he tells that they may invite four other friends to come with them. China invites her former boyfriend, Mark (Zach Galligan), their friend Tony (Dana Ashbrook) and two other schoolmates to come to the museum...(but they insightfully decline) 

What these kids don't know is that the house is alive as are the horror scenes set in wax.  The house needs six souls which must be harvested by the various monsters in the magical/mystical waxwork museum in order for anarchy and evil to swallow the world. (super strong plot, yes?) Essentially the friends get caught/travel through these portals and visit the actual horror spots and must find a way out.

Waxwork easily maintains in my top 20 of cult classic horror movies. I remember being a preteen and renting the VHS from the local Kroger rental stop. I was obsessed with all the various scenes and monsters that were depicted throughout...especially that Marquee de Sade scene. WOW. What I like about Waxwork
is that it's a gore horror fest made for horror fans, by horror fans & really that's the best kind of horror film a fangirl could ask for. -Taffeta 

Watch the trailer here --