The Taffeta Darling, who has been cohosting and contributing to various websites, podcasts and videocasts since 2009, has finally started her own show.

"I'm trying to have ladies who can out geek me and school me in subjects that are important to the masses that i've never really cared or had time to learn about. We'll try and cover all genres of fandom from books to music, anime/manga/scifi/ ALL gaming consoles/movies/TV shows,etc.... It's a Round Table of Fandom held weekly by normal regular girls with strong opinions.

There are so many ladies I'd like to be a part of this hour and we'll make sure to invite as many guest voices as we can to come in and gab away an hour with us.

There are plenty of websites and blogs that offer all women opinions and commentary and I'm thankful to them as they have been part of my inspiration. I'm so pleased to have the opportunity to host and a produce a show that brings these opinions to the visual world of Webcasts!"

Check out our the weekly videos post at  www.youtube.com/thefangirlsofdallas